Thurgood Marshall Community Solar Project

Thurgood Marshal Middle School
Dear Community Solar Supporters,

Our team is partnering with the Olympia School District to launch our largest project to date – on a middle school! Enrollment for the Thurgood Marshall Community Solar Project is open.

Please consider purchasing or donating a solar unit to the project, there are about 600 available.

The project will bring long-term energy cost savings to the school, significantly reduce pollution, and provide educational opportunities for all the students at Thurgood Marshall! Every day, students walk through the doors of this school with the opportunity to learn something new and interesting. This project will give these young minds the opportunity to engage with an innovative technology that provides educational, economic, and environmental benefits to the school.

Thurgood Marshall Features:

  • Access to Solar Energy Thurgood Marshall expands solar energy access to those who don’t own their home, have unsuitable roof space or property, or who are unable to afford the upfront costs of a solar installation!
  • Quick and easy participation Community members or businesses may purchase units of the project for $400. You or a non-profit of your choice will receive an annual check for the value of the unit’s electric generation.
  • Lifelong community benefits Thurgood Marshall will bring long-term energy cost savings to the Middle School, significantly reduce the region’s pollution, and provide education opportunities for all ages and demographics!

Enroll or Donate to the Thurgood Marshall Community Solar Project

See what the project is going to look like!
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