Leaders of today inspiring leaders of tomorrow.

The Chamber Foundation is the bridge between the world of learning and the world of work, and has three pillars: youth education, community leadership and small business development.


The Foundation, a 501(c) 3 organization, has five programs—each a result of community investment in education—Find Your Future, Leadership Thurston County, Math For Life the Small Business Incubator and Business 2 Youth Connect.

Programs of the Foundation:

Business To Youth Connect

Business2Youth Connect – providing opportunities for job pathways, work readiness and positive youth development for a strong and successful community.

Leadership Thurston County

Leadership Thurston County – dedicated to developing informed, connected and committed community leaders.  A nine month program featuring monthly community education challenge days.

Thurston County Small Business Incubator

Small Business Incubator –  To create jobs by helping entrepreneurs and small businesses access resources they need for growth and long term success.

Find Your Future

Find Your Future – a career day connecting students to area professionals available at no cost to the 1,000 high school students and parents that attend. Find Your Future is presented every other year.

Find Your Future

Math for Life –  a partnership between local businesses and school districts to promote real-life math skills in a scavenger hunt form.

Thurston Thrives

Thurston Thrives  In addition to its other five programs, the Chamber Foundation is the backbone organization providing staff and fiscal accountability for Thurston Thrives. Thurston Thrives is a community-wide effort to improve public health and safety throughout Thurston County. This initiative ensures that we live in a strong and healthy community and that everyone has a part to play in it.  That we have clear air and fresh water, pleasant neighborhoods, fresh and nutritious food, great schools, living wage jobs, affordable housing and thriving kids and families.