Thurston County Chamber Member-Only Facebook Group Rules

The Thurston County Chamber has created a Facebook Group so local businesses and organizations can interact with each other during this difficult time. We ask that you share resources and information that you have learned as we all work to support each other.

Here are the rules we created in order to make this a space of value for everyone involved. Please read them carefully, because if you break any of them, you will be removed.

  1. Ask, Give, Praise, Jobs: The only way to post inside this group is to keep your posts within the following categories: Ask, Give, Praise, Jobs. Also, please remember to tell group members what business or organization you are representing.
  • Ask: Ask any questions that you have about places to eat, marketing, etc.
  • Give: Share any tips, resources, and sources of inspiration that have helped you along the way. (This does not include links to your free offers.)
  • Praise: Anything you are celebrating, or a fellow member you want the community to give a virtual high five to.
  • Jobs: Post a job open at your business or organization.
  1. No Solicitation or Request to PM You: Don’t ask group members to PM you to find out more about ANYTHING. You will be removed from the group immediately.


  1. Follow the Golden Rule: This community will flourish if everyone is kind, helpful and has fun! (Yes, we slightly adapted the Golden Rule.)


Now that you’ve read the rules, I hope you’re excited to join the Thurston County Chamber Group