Business Spotlight – The Bark Bus

Master Groomer/Owner: Macy Morgan

Company: The Bark Bus

Phone: 509-675-4083


Master Groomer and Owner of The Bark Bus, Macy Morgan, has had a lifelong passion for helping others and animals. “I’ve found my identity and purpose: making the world better one dog at a time. I can change an animal’s demeanor, making them happy and healthy, and this is why I do what I do,” said Morgan.


Morgan’s story starts in Phoenix, AZ where she was trained as a groomer and bather, raised standard poodles, worked for STAR Rescue, and later as a groomer for Pawgo Mobile Grooming. When she moved to Olympia, WA, she decided to take her life-long passion for loving animals and turn it into her very own business, The Bark Bus.


What is your favorite part about your job?

I absolutely love dogs (and all animals), puppy kisses, and seeing the transformation of an animal just needing a little pampering.


What value does your business provide to your customer?

I have a convenient business model: all grooming is contained in the van.


  • Full-service grooming with shampoo—hypoallergenic
  • Services—haircut, nail trim, (I don’t typically do gland expression, but I will upon request), eye clean, ear clean, etc.
  • Charge hourly $105 for small (under 30) and $120 for large (30lb)
  • Typically, it takes an hour to an hour and a half (with a 30-minute minimum)


How do you impact your community personally and professionally?

Most pet owners would agree their pets are no different than some of their closest human counterparts, friends and family. The amount of care and compassion I bring to the job is unparalleled, and my customers know they can trust their pets to my care without having to worry about anything.


I usually get salon “failures,” and I’ve found my mobile grooming environment helps animals to be more relaxed and at ease. The trick is I’m willing to work with animals at their level—meeting them exactly where they’re at and bringing them full-circle.


To schedule or learn more about Morgan and her Bark Bus you can visit her website:

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