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All kids dream; few make their dreams a reality.

Symone Salvino, owner of the digital marketing company Sincerely Symone, is one of the few living her childhood dream – to become a writer.

And what’s more: she’s making a true impact in her community doing so.

Sincerely Symone is a social media marketing company, focusing on sharing sincere stories for brands as part of their broader marketing strategy.

Symone specializes in content creation – marketing across multiple platforms and all social channels.

The work she does is not purely mechanical: Instead, she works with businesses and individuals consultatively to understand the very essence of their brand, and then she develops an authentic social strategy that resonates with those they’re trying to reach.

It’s an art form, truly, and translates to why she loves doing what she does at its core.

In a recent interview, Symone explained, “I love getting to hear the stories behind the business. I want to share that in a personal way. I take someone’s brand identity very seriously and I can translate that into content for people to absorb.”

The intangible value Symone provides is an opportunity for brands to connect in a meaningful way and turn their community into customers. And it goes beyond the ROI: It’s about presenting yourself in an authentic way. Symone works hand-in-hand with her clients to make sure they’re telling their true story on social.

Outside of work, Symone enjoys giving back to her community. She serves on the Thurston Young Professionals committee and is always encouraging other small business owners to pursue their passions. In her downtime, you will find her reading, writing, or renovating her home.

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