Improve workplace safety and reduce industrial insurance costs through refunds from the state

Retrospective Rating (RETRO) is a way to help qualifying employers reduce industrial insurance costs. It is an optional financial incentive program offered by the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries (L&I).


Let US handle the details, you focus on Healthcare.

The Thurston County Chamber, in partnership with the Greater Vancouver Chamber, offers one of Washington State’s most successful RETRO programs.

Lower your risk

Improve your industrial insurance rates

Have claims settled swiftly and appropriately

Receive refunds of varying percentages of annual premiums

Reduce your workload related to L&I claim management


About Us

Program Administrator, Croucher Consulting Services, has over 30 years of experience and has managed over $50 million in premiums. Scott will become your hands-on workers compensation specialist and will help you navigate the complex world of L&I regulations. He’ll save you both time and money.


How it Works:

Retro is simply another way of calculating your premiums – after the fact, or retrospectively. A Retro coverage period lasts 12 months and can begin any calendar quarter. About 10 months after a coverage period ends, l&I looks back at the group’s actual experience and calculates a retrospective premium for that 12 months coverage period.


The Benefits:

If claim costs for the coverage year are below what is expected, the group would earn a partial refund of the difference between the Retro premiums and the standard premiums. This is based upon what type of plan the Chamber chose for the group, which will be a conservative plan to protect the group and maximize the refund.


The Risks:

Being in Retro requires a commitment to improve safety and to prevent injuries.

Each employer is required to work with the Chambers program administrator regarding claims that an employer might incur. This is a vital aspect of the program.

Open claims cost the group refunds and it is our administrator’s job to manage

all claims until closed.


Your Refund is a product of:

  • Loss prevention
  • Safety
  • Claim management


What’s next:

You fill out a simple form to see if you qualify. You will receive a breakdown of the costs and predicted refund. If you choose to enroll and are approved by our account administrator, Scott Croucher, he works with you to manage your workman’s compensation process.

We will work as a team to keep the claims to a minimum, and to keep any new and current claims flowing through the system. We will work hard to keep costs to a minimum.