Small Business Incubator

Small Business Incubator

Small Business Incubator

About the Thurston County Small Business Incubator

The Thurston County Small Business Incubator is creating jobs by helping entrepreneurs and small businesses access the resources they need for growth and long-term success. The Incubator, a project of the Thurston County Chamber Foundation, is supported by the Foundation, the Thurston County Chamber of Commerce, the business community, and local and state governments.

The Incubator maximizes opportunities to expand its resource base by working closely with community partners and other businesses and employment-directed organizations.

Small Business Incubator for Minority-Owned Business Startups

The Small Business Incubator creates jobs by helping entrepreneurs and small businesses access the resources they need for growth and long-term success. With a refreshed focus on minority micro-businesses, our goal is to break down the barriers minorities experience when developing a business.

  •   Peer Support through the Diversity Caucus
  •   Chamber Direct and/or Community Leverage
    •   Business Planning
    •   Start-up Funding
    •   Location Support
    •   Supply Chain Connection
    •   Marketing and Media Support and Development

Support the regional Diversity Business Caucus development that serves and develops minority-owned business leaders in Thurston County and beyond. Provides a space for their voice in local policy, advocacy, and community health. Supports the development and growth of minority-owned businesses by providing a peer network, expert consultation, and in-kind resources for marketing and media support.

Thurston County Small Business Incubator is sponsored by...

Always Designing For People

Why Participate inan Incubator?

  •   Business incubators can reduce startup costs by 40-50%
  •   The success rate for incubated businesses is over 80%
  •   Incubator companies increase their sales an average of 400%

Additionally, the Small Business Incubator can assist with:

  •   Financial Resources
  •   Administrative Resources
  •   Mentorship
  •   Networking


Conveniently located in downtown Olympia, our Small Business Incubator provides ample space for companies to conduct business. It features more than a dozen offices, two conference rooms, a kitchen, restrooms, and a work center.

Amenities include:

  •   Reception
  •   Conference room with video conferencing
  •   Use of office equipment (fax, copier, postage, etc.)
  •   Hands-on training for each business participant
  •   High-speed internet
  •   Kitchen access
  •   Central downtown location
  •   Parking

How toApply

The application process begins with an informal online application to determine whether the incubator can provide useful services to your business. Review the steps to determine your eligibility.

Step One

Am I qualified for the Small Business Incubator?

  1. Is your business locally owned?
  2. Do you have a business plan?
  3. Is this a full time venture?

If you answered yes to all of the above, congratulations, you may move on to step two!

Step Two

We want to get to know you better. Fill out our informal questionnaire to tell us a bit more about you and your business. A general overview is fine. We’ll ask for details later.

After our team reviews your submission, we will reach out to you for a preliminary interview to determine if the incubator is the right fit. If we agree to move forward, you will be sent a link to a formal application.

Step Three

If You’ve received the formal application be sure to have your business plan, financials, and other required information on hand.

FIll out the application and submit it!

Step Four

We will review your documents and follow up with any questions we may have. If accepted into the Small Business Incubator, your company will receive a lease agreement, welcome packet, and meet with a member of our team to go and logistic questions you may have (move in, internet, phone, etc).

Informal Incubator Application

Informal application for the Small Business Incubator


Our Incubator Clients

We’re proud to feature our Incubator clients who continue to flourish during their time with us.

Mosaic Marketing

Mosaic Marketing Studio

Natasha Ashenhurst of Mosaic Marketing Studio manages strategic communications. Ashenhurst is an award-winning professional acknowledged for consistent excellence as an organizational communications consultant and marketing program manager. Highly creative, with demonstrated ability to develop cohesive integrated MarComm programs incorporating social media and traditional media. An impactful writer and message manager; transforms staid, technical content into a relatable and actionable narrative that increases member and stakeholder engagement.

J. Robertson & Co.

J. Robertson and Company (JR & Co.) is a full-service strategic planning and public communications firm based in Olympia, Washington. Our work with public agencies, non-profit corporations and private sector clients is focused on building vibrant communities and shaping sustainable organizations.

Enlight Home Care Llc

Enlightenment Home Care

Offering a vast array of services to fit the individualized needs of every client. Hiring only professional, compassionate, well trained caregivers that will offer the care from which Enlightenment Home Care was made. Knowing there is nothing more important than client satisfaction. We take pride in the care we offer as well as the care we give. With our family friendly office we encourage feedback so that we can improve our services maintaining our client first outcome of care.

HZ Low


We are a women-owned law firm with a passion for access to justice and providing trusted and effective legal representation. We are first in our family to graduate college and first to become attorneys.

We provide high-quality professional legal services in areas of personal injury, business law, and estate planning. Our unique background sets us apart from various other run-of-the-mill law firms. With our lived experiences, we understand that each client has their own story. Our primary focus is to listen and understand our client’s issues and work diligently to solve their legal matters.

Rebuilding Together Thurston County

Working with some of the best volunteers in the country (!!!), Rebuilding Together Thurston County rehabilitates and repairs homes of low-income homeowners in the county. With an eye towards safety and health concerns, work is geared to elderly and disabled persons, as well as veterans. Projects might include installing grab bars; cleaning and repairing gutters; replacing windows; repairing holes in the floor or walls due to water leaks; installing new switches for light fixtures; building a new or repairing an old ramp; repairing or replacing the roof; etc.

Community Partners & Resources

The Thurston County Small Business Incubator maximizes opportunities to expand its resource base by working closely with community partners and other business employment directed organizations.

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