No Day Is Complete Without a Nom Nom Stop

by Kathryn Millhorn

Our favorite treats often come with a signature happy noise. From slurping spaghetti noodles to crunching freshly popped popcorn, good food engages all five senses. Especially so with the unique, globally inspired, mouthwatering creations at The Nom Nom Stop in Lacey. Fudge, handcrafted chocolate, cake jars, skillfully painted bonbons, and even lusciously coated cheesecake on a stick all await your every craving and come with their very own nom nom nom soundtrack.

Owned by Gabriela ‘Ada’ Gheorghiu and husband Tiberio Serbanescu, The Nom Nom Stop opened in late 2021. But that’s not where their story began. Both were born in Bucharest, Romania and lived in Venice, Italy for many years before moving to the United States almost nine years ago. 

They settled in Lacey and turned Ada’s passions in the kitchen—especially working with chocolate—into a true destination. “Having the privilege to live in different cultures and societies,” says Tiberio, “their culinary aspect put a stamp on her curiosity and she’s constantly looking to discover new flavors, techniques, and practices.”

TIberio’s role leans more towards photography, videography, and drones than sweets. He oversees branding, PR, and marketing for the company. Find a photo gallery and five-star reviews of their work on Facebook, Instagram and Yelp.

Like many businesses, The Nom Nom Stop was heavily impacted by COVID-19. Their thriving chocolate company, Grazie Chocolat, was selling artisan fudge via several stores in SeaTac Airport. When the pandemic pause hit, future plans and investments fell through. But, says Tiberio, “after many searches, in August 2021 we found this location and decided to risk it and open a chocolate shop! On December 4, 2021, we opened the doors and since day one the feedback of the community was extremely positive.”

They chose Lacey both for their home and business after falling in love with its small town, everyone-knows-everyone feel. “We wanted to leave a footprint on what we do best,” says Tiberio. “Ada’s passion for high end chocolate and her dedication made me believe in her dream. I was the first one to be surprised by her creations; the colors, the design, the shapes, and the taste.”

Their sweets use the finest Belgian chocolate and source many additional ingredients locally. Blending superior quality and skilled techniques make a product that’s truly unique for our area. Bonbons are handcrafted, hand painted and use 100% natural colors, absolutely no synthetic or artificial dyes. All ganaches are made in-house with the finest ingredients.

Hungry yet? Swing by and try not to drool on the refrigerated display of fresh delicious products made in small batches. Things like Banana Pudding, Banatella (banana pudding with Nutella), Tiramisu (available Friday and Saturday), and cookie dough flavors served with cheesecake bites like Cookies ‘N Cream, Red Velvet, Salted Caramel, and Brownie.

Then there’s the signature showstopper: cheesecake on a stick. It sounds simple but grab extra napkins for this over-the-top experience. They start with the basics, cheesecake and a stick. It’s then covered in white, milk, or dark Belgian chocolate and customized in 15 different ways. “As we create them on the spot the possibilities are endless,” says Tiberio. “You can customize your slice exactly as you want; only your creativity is the limit. There are always over 5 signature ganaches available and seasonal ones added for limited periods of time.”

These treats are a love letter to their chosen community. Ada and Tiberio feel privileged to work in what they happily call “this awesome community.” And the shop is such a sweet spot that customers can’t help but return the feeling. “We were shown so much positiveness from everyone and the in-person and online feedback stimulates us so much,” says Tiberio. “We take great pride in the honest environment we proposed, the uniqueness of our products, continuous improvement in customer service, never compromising quality and practices, plus a clean and fun looking retail space.” In the future they hope to build, invest, and grow alongside Lacey and its ever-evolving community food needs.

Admit it, your mouth is watering. So head to The Nom Nom Stop at 1107 College Street SE Monday through Thursday from 12pm until 7pm and 12pm to 8pm on Friday and Saturday. Order through DoorDash, UberEats, and GrubHub or online for in-store pickup. Items can also be catered for events or shipped to loved ones. Simply call 360.292.0805 and get started today. Mouth-full-of-chocolate happy noises are always free. 

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