Kailee Warren Named OlyFed Employee of the Quarter


Olympia Federal Savings (OlyFed) is proud to announce Kailee Warren, Yelm branch Loan Officer, as Employee of the Quarter.

What sets Warren apart is that she is a true team member and she frequently helps other Loan Officers with questions and is kind and generous when it comes to sharing her knowledge and expertise. Even though she is a Loan Officer, Warren helps customers with their deposit accounts both in-person and over the phone.

Warren is often the first to greet customers when they walk in the door and she’ll frequently stop what she’s doing to help customers in the drive thru lanes when her colleagues are busy and need extra support. Even better, Warren can regularly be found helping to verify cash with a banker and assisting newer employees with account openings.

Just recently, a business customer came into the branch with a complex transaction and Kailee sat down with one of her colleagues and the business owner to provide insight and support and the customer was more than impressed.

“This level of commitment and support does not surprise me,” Josh Deck, President & CEO said. “ Kailee is a total team player and she never hesitates to go the extra mile to ensure those around her get the care and support they need.”

Many times you will not only find Warren picking up debris in front of the branch, but also pulling weeds and cleaning up the landscaping to make sure OlyFed is always putting its best foot forward. Warren does all of these things without being asked to do them.

Earlier this month, Warren stepped out of her comfort zone and gave a presentation to the Yelm Business and Real Estate Network. Not only was the presentation in-person, but it was also broadcast live on Zoom with other business and mortgage professionals. The response to the presentation was incredibly positive and another example of how Warren’s leadership has helped the Yelm team achieve their goals.

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