About The Thurston County Small Business Incubator

The mission of the Incubator is to create jobs by helping entrepreneurs and small businesses access resources they need for growth and long term success. The Incubator, a project of the Thurston County Chamber Foundation, is supported by the Foundation, the Thurston County Chamber of Commerce, the business community, and local and state governments. The Incubator maximizes opportunities to expand it’s resource base by working closely with community partners and other businesses and employment directed organizations.

Our Facility

Conveniently located in downtown Olympia, the Incubator provides high quality space for companies to conduct business. It accommodates more than a dozen offices, two conference rooms, a kitchen and a work center.

Our Services

  • Conference Room with Multi-media Access
  • Expert Consulting Services
  • Use of Office Equipment (fax, copier, postage equipment, etc)
  • Hands-On Training to Each Business Client
  • Assistance with Small Business Financing
  • High Speed Internet Access
  • Education in Accounting, Human Resources, Marketing and Other Business Disciplines

We combine all these services to lower overhead costs that would otherwise be too demanding on capital for many small businesses.

Shared Resources

Our clients enjoy a wide variety of services, including access to office equipment, high speed internet, education in accounting, marketing and other business practices, as well as expert consulting services.

Become A Client!

Incubator Facts

Nationwide, business incubators are not a new concept.  Today, incubators are being used world wide as an economic development tool to increase competitiveness in emerging markets. The business incubation model traces its beginnings to the late 1950s. Learn more.

The statistical data provided below has been reported by the National Business Incubation Association (NBIA) and the Small Business Association (SBA).

  • Business incubators reduce the risk of small business failures. Historically, NBIA member incubators have reported that 87 percent of all firms that have graduated from their incubators are still in business.
  • NBIA estimates that North American incubator client and graduate companies have created about half a million jobs since 1980. That is enough jobs to employ every person living in Denver, CO.
  • Every 50 jobs created by an incubator client generate approximately 25 more jobs in the same community.
  • NBIA estimates that in 2005 alone, North American incubators assisted more than 27,000 start-up companies that provided full-time employment for more than 100,000 workers and generated annual revenue of more than $17 billion.
  • NBIA also reports incubator companies grow an average of 400% during their stay.
  • Business incubators can reduce start-up costs by 40-50%.

Additional facts and information about business incubators is located on the NBIA site.  Click here.

Community Partners

The Thurston County Small Business Incubator maximizes opportunities to expand its resource base by working closely with community partners and other business employment directed organizations.

Additional Business Resources

Thurston Regional Planning Council

(360) 956-7575

Internal Revenue Service

(800) 829-1040

Better Business Bureau

(206) 431-2222

Employment Solutions

(360) 357-3362

Enterprise for Equity

(360) 704-3375

Thurston County Chamber Benefit Services

(360) 357-3362

Our Incubator Clients

We’re proud to feature our Incubator clients who continue to flourish during their time with us.

Mosaic Marketing Studio

Our boutique marketing firm is located downtown Olympia and we serve the greater Thurston County region, including Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater, Shelton and Belfair, Washington. We also have clients as far away as Cheyenne, Wyoming!

Learn More

J. Robertson & Co.

J. Robertson and Company (JR & Co.) is a full-service strategic planning and public communications firm based in Olympia, Washington. Our work with public agencies, non-profit corporations and private sector clients is focused on building vibrant communities and shaping sustainable organizations.

Learn More


Olympia.Computer technicians have been providing computer repair services and support to clients for nearly a quarter of a century.

Learn More

Pardiman Productions

Pardiman Productions is a promotional media production company that specializes in video production. Our mission is to help businesses connect with their community by telling stories that inspire, inform and entertain. Video is especially effective at building that “pre-purchase relationship” and getting people excited about your product or service.

Learn More

Pixatel Systems

We conceptualize and create innovative applications and e-Learning systems that enable universal access to knowledge, develop responsible citizenship, and make the power of technology accessible to all. Through our Citizen Empowerment portfolio of services, Pixatel partners with governments, enterprises, and content publishers around the world to develop and launch innovative services to address key strategic challenges.

Learn More

Rebuilding Together Thurston County

Working with some of the best volunteers in the country (!!!), Rebuilding Together Thurston County rehabilitates and repairs homes of low-income homeowners in the county. With an eye towards safety and health concerns, work is geared to elderly and disabled persons, as well as veterans. Projects might include installing grab bars; cleaning and repairing gutters; replacing windows; repairing holes in the floor or walls due to water leaks; installing new switches for light fixtures; building a new or repairing an old ramp; repairing or replacing the roof; etc.

Learn More

The Application Process

Identifying the appropriate companies to be part of the Incubator is key to the overall synergy of the program.  We consider the quality of a company’s business plan, and their potential for growth, and their contribution to the local economy.

Step One: Does Your Business Fit?

Incubator companies are expected to be locally owned, have a business plan and be a full-time venture.

Step Two: Let’s Meet and Discuss

The application process begins with a preliminary interview to determine whether the Incubator can provide useful services to the company.  Afterwards, they are invited to submit a formal application to be evaluated by a professional business consultant who will review the company’s business plan, resources, etc. This determines if the company is a good fit for the Incubator’s mission of strengthening the local economy through its growth and employment.

Step Three: Logistics

Upon acceptance to the program, companies will receive a lease agreement, welcome packet, and meet with the administrator to go over any questions about setting up equipment, internet, phone service, etc.