Flying Colors Painting Company Lifts the Lions Low Vision Resource Center to New Sights

If you or a loved one suffers from a low vision diagnosis, you probably know the importance of color contrast in their sightline.

Thanks to the generosity of the Flying Colors Paint Company (FCPC), the Lions Low Vision Resource Center now has color contrast on its walls.

Dustin Wilson started FCPC in 1980 to provide professional painting services to people who need them.

Since then, Flying Colors Painting Co. has become the largest residential painting company in Thurston County.  They have painted thousands of homes and have a trusted name and proven track record of serving our customers with the utmost respect and professionalism.

For the past several years, Flying Colors Paint Company has quietly selected families and non-profits in need of help and offered them a pro bono paint job that includes labor and paint.

This offer also keeps their employees working during what would normally be their downtime in the rainy season, making it a win-win for both those who receive their services and those who continue to receive a paycheck.

Flying Colors Paint Company clearly believes in giving back to their community, and the Olympia Host Lions Club Foundation thanks them for their help in improving the service provided by Lions Low Vision Resource Center.

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