Business Spotlight: NorthAmericaTalk Media Group

Business Spotlight: NorthAmericaTalk Media Group

Business Spotlight: NorthAmericaTalk Media Group

1. Company overview

Headquartered in West Olympia, NorthAmericaTalk Media Group is a PNW digital media company comprised of a collection of Community Social Networks — is our local Community Social Network.

We offer digital marketing/advertising services to the business, nonprofit, and government sectors, and for the community, our platforms serve as a way for community members to engage with the area in which they live, play, and stay.

2. Describe your role at NorthAmericaTalk

I am NorthAmericaTalk Media Group’s VP of Sales, so I run the sales side of our organization.

3. What is your favorite part about your job?

I love helping people re-envision their problems and find meaningful solutions. 

4. What does ThurstonTalk offer?

ThurstonTalk offers digital marketing/advertising services in the form of content creation/distribution and visual ad displays.

5. Who is your customer?

Our customer is just about anyone: We work with large groups like Providence, Comcast, and Puget Sound Energy and small groups like local eateries and chiropractic clinics and everything in between.

6. What value does ThurstonTalk provide to the community?

ThurstonTalk helps business and organizations get noticed by the people they’re trying to reach, and we help community members thrive in the areas they call home.

7. What is something unique about ThurstonTalk that you want to share?

ThurstonTalk only publishes content about the positive things going on in the area.

8. What is the future of NorthAmericaTalk?

The future of NorthAmericaTalk Media Group is to continue expanding. We started 13 years ago with just one publication, ThurstonTalk, and we now have a total of 18 throughout WA and OR, and we are in the process of entering the Idaho market.

9. How can the community support ThurstonTalk?

The community can support ThurstonTalk by accessing our free content on our website and by liking/following our Facebook page –

10. How can the business/nonprofit community leverage ThurstonTalk?

If anyone is interested in setting up a free strategy session to dive into their marketing goals, they can contact

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