Business Spotlight – Lamplighters

If you’re looking for a place to connect with community, culture, and local artists while developing and expressing your creative potential, then Olympia’s Lamplighters might just be the home you didn’t know you have.

Opened October 4th, 2019, Lamplighters is a nonprofit, co-working space and gallery dedicated to providing community and workspace to artists and creators.

What really separates them from other co-working spaces is that they aren’t just providing a space to work; they are there to help creators grow in their goals and step into their personal power – finding heart in community and breaking down the invisible barriers that separate us from the world around us.


How do you impact your community personally and/or professionally?

As a hub for artists and a bridge for artists and the city: We advocate for the art community to bridge the gap between businesses and what artists can feasibly do

Further, we are very supportive of the LGBTQ community, we support BIPOC communities, and we support diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Who is your target customer?

  • Anyone looking to develop their art and gain inspiration from others
  • Anyone looking for a community vibe and culture
  • We currently have about 15-20 members and would like to grow that to 50.


What are some key details about Lamplighters?

  • We feature classes, an art gallery, and audio recording.
  • We offer everything from daily passes to varied monthly membership levels.
  • We have lower commission rates: Lamplighters charges 20% commission where typical galleries charge 40-60%. (All proceeds go back to the business.)
  • We host a public Gala twice a year for artists to talk about and showcase their artwork.
  • We have a gallery in the space to sell artwork + a photographer on site to take pictures of the artwork to sell if you are a member.
  • Community members can donate art supplies to Lamplighters on the weekends.

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Both rectangle and banner ad spaces are available for members. Download our sizes and pricing sheet for more information by clicking the button below.