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April is national “Math Awareness Month.” To celebrate and engage our students and community around real-life Math Applications, the Thurston County Chamber Education Committee is promoting our 8th annual “Math for Life” event for students in Griffin, Olympia, North Thurston, Tumwater, and Yelm school districts. Last year we had nearly 700 students participate in this event!

This event will take place from March 24 – April 8, 2018

Why Businesses Participate

“I’ve been doing Math for Life from the beginning because:

  • It’s great fun!
  • It really helps the kids understand that ‘Math is a life skill – not just an academic subject.”
  • It’s GREAT for business: Many parents ‘discover’ Cabinets by Trivonna. They come back when they need a new Kitchen”

-Ross Irwin, Cabinets by Trivonna.

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Participating Businesses

Prize Donations


Need a fun Activity to do over spring break? Check out Math for Life!

“I get to choose the where to go on the map, and I really like answering Math questions from the businesses.”

– Kendall Hooper

Math for Life’s goal is to promote real life math skills through a program that connects the business community and education. Go on a scavenger hunt to local businesses in our region and find out how they use math! Out of town for the week of spring break? You still have a chance to win, Math for Life runs from March 24 – April 8, 2018!

Students who participate from Griffin, Olympia, North Thurston, and Tumwater School Districts have an opportunity to Win great Prizes.

One grand prize winner will be selected from Griffin/Olympia, North Thurston, and Tumwater to win a Kindle Fire!

Don’t have a Map, no worries. Please print yourself a copy and turn it into your Math teacher at your school.

Math for Life 2017’s Map 

How to Participate:

  1. Students in K-12 are eligible to participate
  2. Visit at least 5 of the local businesses listed on the flyer
  3. Tell the person who greets you that you are there for the “Math for Life” event.
  4. Ask them how they use math in their business and answer one of the many questions they will have. Some are easy, some more difficult. If you don’t know the answers try again!
  5. Have the business mark their box and thank them.
  6. Once you have at least 5 completed locations, turn your flyer in to your math teacher or class teacher by April 19, 2016. Winners will be announced at school assemblies.



To Submit Your Math for Life Documents

Griffin School District:

North Thurston School District:

Please return your student’s Math for Life Maps through district mail with Attn: Community Relations Please return by April 21

Olympia School District:

Please return your students Math for Life Maps to Frank O’Connor at the District Office via the inter-district mail by April 21.

Tumwater School District:

Please return your students Math for Life Maps to Tami Collins at the District Office via the inter-district mail by April 21.

Yelm School District:

Teri will be by the offices to pick up Maps

Private Schools:

Please return your students Math for Life Maps to Joseph Beaulieu at the Thurston County Chamber Office, 809 Legion Way, Olympia, WA. If you have any questions call 360.357.3362

Benefits to those sponsoring Math4Life may include:

Event website recognition
Recognition on printed materials
Participating location

Available Sponsorships:

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Call your Member Services Representative at the Chamber for information. 360.357.3362

*Sponsorships assist with supporting the cost of the Math for Life event, which is free to students and parents.


Parents and Students please make sure to return you maps to your teacher for Math or Science teachers!

Olympia Christian Academy: Return maps to classroom teachers by April 7, 2017.